Enzo Senatore


 Many many Thanks to Enzo!!

He has been the first to join this adventure!! 

Simone Ferrini



Man I'm wordless

You really astonished and touched me!!

thank you from the hart Simone!!


Gianluca Punzi


A huge thank Gianluca for your support!!




Patty D'amore


A very big big thank to my greatest hater.. 



Alessandro Ceccarelli


A big hug and a very big thank for your support!!

Annalisa Schiavone


Many thanks Annalisa for the support to make my dream come true!!

Gianluca Lavezzo


A HUGE THANK to a great bluesman !! Thank you Lave, keep on rocking!!

Lucio Croce


Man!! A HUGE THANK for your HUGE support and help in this adventure!!

I really appreciated Lucio, THANK YOU!!

Nicola Zanutto


To my dear friend a HuGE THANK !! ZANO you make my day!! ,

Fabrizio Svoljak



I'm so grateful for your trust and contribution in this project !!

Antonio Maiorca


Antonio you make my day!!

thank you from the bottom of my hart

Max Bidetti


A very special thank for supporting this project!! 

Francesco De Fusco


A REALLY HUGE THANK to my bro Francesco for his support and trust!!

Nicola Imbres


A very special thank to a great singer and performer!!

Thank you very much Nico!!

Barbara Mazzillo


I'm so THAKFUL for the support and thrust you put in this project!! Barbara THANK YOU from the bottom of my hart

Paola Garavello


A SPECIAL THANK to you  for the contribute in this project!! Paola thanks a lot!!

Fabiana Spinaci


Thank you very much Fabiana for believing in me and my dreams!!

Francesco Brancaccio


A HUGE thank for your support in this adventure!!

Antonietta Grauso


A VERY SPECIAL THANK to my dear dear friend Antonietta!!  

Giada Cerato


Thank you very very much to support this project so important to me!! many thanks Giada!!

Massimo Casabianca


MAX ,THANKS REALLY A LOT for your contribute in this project!! A HUGE THANK !!

Gabriele Piccinini


A HUGE HUGE THANK to my dear dear friend Gabriele!! Thank you man !! you make my day!!